Apartment Mike

While renting an apartment can be an exciting adventure there are many pitfalls which can be experienced. Among these pitfalls will be that of poorly made apartments, bad landlords and apartments which are disguised for another purpose. At first sight the internet search for an apartment Mike runs yields some interesting options.

One of these options shows the site for an apartment. This apartment is run by an individual named Mike. This individual openly states that advertisements are placed stating that there is an apartment available. When the would be tenants who are mostly female ask about the room and rent they are informed of what manner of payment is expected.

What this apartment Mike runs is a way that free sex can be had by the landlord. The women who come to see this apartment are told that they must be wiling to have sexual intercourse with Mike. They should also allow him to videotape their “payment” scheme. This is stated openly on the site Mike runs to advertise his apartment.

In return for the sexual favors the “tenants” are allowed to stay in the apartment Mike runs rent free. For people who wish to view the activities of Mike and his numerous tenants the site has video clips which can be accessed. The pictures which are shown on this site are all of a sexual nature. It is for reasons like this when you are searching for a place to stay that you should make sure that you are not applying for a sex for rent place.

This is not the only listing that you will find when you are searching for an apartment Mike runs. The other apartment Mike has is that of an hotel and apartment chain which is located in Greece. You will find that living next to the Mediterranean is an ideal way to live.

In this chain of apartment Mike has you will find many self-catering units. The type of apartments that you can rent is that of a studio type of apartment and that of a normal apartment. Here you will find that the normal apartment can allow about 4 persons to stay in the apartment in absolute comfort. The studio apartment on the other hand is geared towards 3 persons staying and living in the apartment.

These apartments are equipped with amenities such as a kitchenette, in-room safe, air conditioning, heating, a radio and a telephone. You are also in close proximity to the hotel. With all of these facilities the cool refreshing winds of the Mediterranean blowing in your face you will love staying in this apartment Mike chain of hotels and apartments in Crete, Greece.